Monday, January 4, 2010

Pan Sauces ~ today’s plan

For dinner last night my son produced a perfect rendition of Chicken Saltimbocca after having watched the recipe video and learned a little about pan frying.

To make the pan sauce he used a white chardonnay and some of the chicken stock I had produced recently. It was a picture perfect meal but a little salty for my taste. I don’t know if this was because he did so many batches of the prosciutto covered chicken medallions before making the pan sauce or if it was because I removed salt from my cooking decades ago and have eaten nothing but flavorless nursing home worthy grub ever since.

Today’s Plan is to make Southern Fried Chicken with Ancho Honey and serve it with a side of Italian style green beans, homemade dinner rolls, and huge twice baked potatoes.

We will also watch the "How to Make Pan Sauce" video and make their dark chicken stock to practice with. As well as the following YouTube video produced by one of my favorite cooking implement stores Sur La Table.

Also on the agenda is to start my first of the month, top to bottom, kitchen cleaning & organizing project as well as locate the memory card reader so I can get the pictures off my camera to post here.

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