Tuesday, February 2, 2010

All About Eggs

This weeks we are watching a series of demos at Rouxbe on "How to Cook Eggs" in every way you can think of.

In this section you will learn how to cook eggs just like a professional chef. Watch close-up instructional egg cooking videos and learn how to cook eggs sunny up, over easy, poached and finally, learn how to cook perfect scrambled eggs. We will even show you the techniques you need to make perfect egg omelets.

Aside from breakfast eggs, eggs also play an important role in many of the dishes that we prepare and eat every day. Yet, despite their importance in cooking, many people don’t know a lot about eggs. So, we've also included some instructional videos on egg basics as well as videos on how to determine egg freshness and how to store eggs. From here, you can jump into a number of quick and easy egg recipes to test out your new knowledge. It won't be long before you are an expert with how to cook eggs.

Let’s get cracking; shall we?

There are also a number of You Tube Demos that can be watched:

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